SaWaFo Presentations


SaWaFo is a research partnership between the DHI, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science Technology and Sokoine University of Agriculture aimed at identifying food safety and health hazards of using low.


Workshop in Tanzania 2013

Quality Of Effluent; The Effect On Downstream Used For Irrigation And Pathogenic Load On Crop.

Sustaining Urban Agriculture Through Efficient Land Use Planning

Tittle:Assessment Of Helminth Eggs In Low Quality Water And Low Quality Water Irrigated Vegetables In Morogoro Municipality-Tanzania

Identification And Characterization Of Steroid Hormones In Low Quality Water And Sediments In Morogoro Urban And Peri-Urban Areas In Tanzania

Assessment Of Consumers’ Knowledge On The Safety Of Vegetables Produced In Urban Morogoro Using Low Quality Water

Safe Water For Food (Sawafo) Project In Tanzania

Sokoine University Of Agriculture Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine

Investigation Of Faecal Microbial Hazards In Low Quality Water, Vegetables And Fish In Morogoro, Tanzania

Regulatory Environment And Incentives Surrounding The Use Of Low Quality Water In Agricultural Production: A Case Of Morogoro Urban And Peri-Urban Areas

Using Models To Manage Health Risks Related To Recreational Water


Workshop in Ghana 2015

Evaluation of Cryptosporidium SPP Contamination in Irrigation Water and Lettuce Cultivation using these Water Sources

Fate of Antibiotics in Environment

Are Hospital and Municipal Wastewaters Used in Vegetable Irrigation the Significant Sources of Salmonella sp. and E. coli, and Antibiotic Resistance Genes?

Safe use of Wastewater for Urban Agriculture: Policy Analysis

Uptake of Antibiotics by Vegetables (Carrots and Lettuce)

Modelling Disease Burden factors for low quality water for irrigation of food crops in Ghana